About Us

Today, airline agents are using antiquated systems to manage aircraft ground operations, with some more than 20 years old. And that is when they are not using paper in pencil because they have no credible alternative to track operations. At Tarmac Technologies, we are building a platform to give those ground agents access to the latest technologies. In doing so, we are eliminating aircraft delays and offering seamless ground operations! We are working with several international airlines in Europe & in North America.

Founded in 2019, Tarmac Technologies has quickly acquired international clients and has a presence in North America and Europe.
Made up of a team of dynamic people brought together by their passion for aviation, we work along many other startups in Station F. Open to remote working, we are looking for open-minded and hard-working individuals who want to bring the digital revolution to the air travel industry!

Life @TarmacTechnologies:

  • Enjoy StationF with La Felicita and other lifestyle benefits
  • Work with other startups at HEC Incubator
  • Team of travel and aviation passionate
  • Possibility to do field trips and travel around the world if you wish
  • Potential plane ticket discount with our customer companies
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We have no job openings at the moment!

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