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STATION F is the biggest startup campus in the world, backed by Xavier Niel. Open since June 2017 in Paris, we house 1000+ startups. We pride ourselves on being a unique, international, all-inclusive startup space where startups come first. The 34,000 sq meter building also houses a makerspace, an auditorium and other event spaces, restaurants and bars, a pop-up store, on-site services, a post-office and partner offices and programs. In addition, living amenities for 600 entrepreneurs are being built in Ivry sur Seine, 10 minutes away from Station F.

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Our team is made of 20 people, all passionate about startups

In total, we have 9 different passports and have lived in 14 different countries. The average age is 27,5 years old. Everyone has a story with entrepreneurship, whether they have worked for a startup or launched a startup themselves before. And we all have a favorite F-word!

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Team building at STATION F means...

Living new experiences
Meeting passionate people
Suiting up
Sharing happiness
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