About Us

Transport is responsible for 40% of gas emissions and public nuisance in cities. Electric cars are the most efficient solution to tackle this problem but finding your next electric car is a very painful process if you’re a company or a regular consumer. Beev is an all in 1 platform that helps you find your next electric car and charging station at the best price.

If you’ve already tried to buy an electric car, you may know the pain of having to figure it out all by yourself and not find any information. It’s a poor experience and many people give up their project. Beev is a company that aims to create a seamless and reassuring experience for everyone who needs an electric car.

Thanks to Beev, you don’t have to waste your time comparing offers and finding ways to charge your car. We’ll help you:

  • Find your next electric car
  • Finance your electric car
  • Ensure and maintain it
  • Find your charging station

The company was created in the end of 2019 by Solal and Chanez who worked in the automotive industry for years. We’re a team of 10 passionate people who believe that every vehicle crossed in the street should be electric. Our ambition is simple: Transform the French and European car fleet into electric vehicles.
We're supported by leading names in the automotive industry and major startup programs and we aim to become Europe’s first EV platform. And guess what? the best is yet to come!

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