About Us

ShareID provides best-in-class authentication as-a-service solution based on the official identity. We enable real time ID verification, equivalent to an ID document presentation and captured with a simple smile.
We leverage cutting-edge computer vision algorithms to authenticate ID documents of 120+ countries with up to 99.9% precision level, deep learning and AI algorithms to confirm the ID document ownership and the user’s liveness. On top of that, we use our patented technology to issue a reusable digital identity without never storing the user’s personal data. We hence provide ongoing access to verifiable credentials.

Our Mission

Disrupt the world of authentication and bring trust to interactions between individuals and businesses while enhancing the user experience when it comes to authentication or recurrent ID verification.

Our values

  • Hard work: We believe that the best way to achieve our goals is to work hard enough to exceed them.
  • Team work: They say two brains are better than one, imagine what a team of brains can do.
  • Ambition: Our day-to-day is full of big challenges and we enjoy it
  • Integrity: Honesty, trust and openness help us earn our colleagues and client’s trust
  • We don’t fail, we learn!

About our management team

Sara & Sawsen built ShareID during PA4 cohort of Entrepreneur First in Station F, Paris.
Their background?

  • Sara is a financial and statistical engineer from Paris Dauphine with 9+ years’ experience in risk related regulatory requirements. Before ShareID, she founded an internal startup within a large French bank and solo founded a risk management startup.
  • Sawsen is a PhD in computer vision from Centrale Lyon with an academical background. She worked within Cisco Innovation lab on security personal data protection.
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