About Us

At Scortex, we love factories. The smell of grease, the sparks of welding, the jingling of conveyor belts. We appreciate the beauty of a well-crafted industrial process, delivering value at a massive scale in the physical world.

That is why it pains us to see manufacturing companies struggle with their quality. Throwing away parts by the thousands, or missing the needle in the haystack, letting faulty products slip through their tired eyes, despite all their efforts. We decided to solve this major headache of theirs, by building the required technology and making it accessible to everyone.

Leveraging machine learning, our platform allows customers to:

  • detect faulty parts on a production line, automatically, in real-time,

  • know and understand quality issues at a large scale,

  • dynamically improve the quality of the production.

Scortex is a team of passionate individuals, in a unique blend of the tech and manufacturing worlds. Obviously, we have a flexible hybrid/remote work policy.

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