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Following the steps of quantitative finance, online advertising is transitioning from a marketing domain to a purely mathematical one with advertising inventories being bought in real time through exchange markets by “trading desks”.

Scibids Technology equips these trading desks with an artificial intelligence software computing the optimal amount to bid for each advertising opportunity, thus bringing its clients dramatic performance and productivity uplifts.

Scibids was selected in 2017 as one of the 62 most innovative startups (amongst 2000+) in the extremely selective “I-Lab” competition by the French public bank & French research ministry. It was also selected in the "Top 100 French Startup To Follow in 2017" by Business Insider.

Two years only after its creation, the company already has several dozens of clients throughout the world and its portfolio keeps on growing! In September 2018, Scibids announced a €2,2M funding in order to support its global ambition to remain the largest algorithmic media trading application in the world.

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