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Scibids Technology (www.scibids.com) is a French startup specialized in Artificial Intelligence applied to algorithmic media trading. We are hiring Customer Success Managers & Programmatic Consultants in Singapore to provide first class customer service to customers in the Asia Pacific region.
About Scibids

Following in the footsteps of quantitative finance, online advertising is transitioning from an intuition based domain to an increasingly mathematical one with media being bought in real time through exchanges by “trading desks”.

Based on proprietary mathematical breakthroughs and engineering innovations in the space of real time bidding, Scibids works hand in hand with leading programmatic platforms (DSPs) to bring Customized Algorithmic Bidding Logic into the world of media optimization.

Founded in 2016, Scibids is headquartered in Paris, with additional presence today in the UK, Singapore, Japan and Australia. Scibids’ clients include several of the world’s leading agencies, advertisers’ in-house trading desks and publisher trading desks, with operations in more than 15 countries.

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