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🏭 Who we are at Kraaft.co https://www.kraaft.co/

We’re a tech startup reinventing interface in factories through voice recognition and natural language processing (NLP). We launched in Oct-18 : our MVP is already tested by 10+ industrials and soon no human on the factory floor will ever interact with SAP anymore. 🤣🤣

Our chief exec has helped raise €100m+ for various startups when working @AvoltaPartners, a leading European tech M&A boutique. Our chief product graduated from Ecole Polytechnique before going to Stanford and working as product manager @Dreem. And our chief tech left the investment platform @SmartAngels, where she has been CTO for the past 4 years, to join the team a few weeks after launch. Together we want to help factories put their workforce at the heart of digital transformation.

We received our first financing from Opeo Startup Studio in Jan-19, an investment structure backed by the consulting firm Opeo Conseil, the leader of industrial digital transformation in France. We are very proud to consider our Seed VC is so aligned with our values and excited about welcoming future financial partners.

🔥🔥🔥 What we believe in -> [read here why we fight]https://medium.com/@treygagne/why-we-launched-kraaft-co-251d0a7c7f4a)

-> Please only apply if you believe in our values so read carefully our article above ☝️

💙 Why we should love each other

We want to build a strong community that reflects how we see the future of territories. And we have 4 adjectives that we strive to put at the center of our day-to-day interactions and choices : Grounded, Radical, Peaceful & Familial. Know more about our values on our website.

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