About Us

Chift is a young & fast-growing start-up 🚀.

We created Chift in April 2022 after signing our first customers. In August 2022, we closed our first fundraising round in record time. We now have major SaaS companies as clients and we aim at being the European leader in our field.

Things are moving fast and we want to surround ourselves with passionate and positive people to grow in a good atmosphere.

You'll be working closely with the 3 co-founders and the first team members.

Our Vision :

Connecting software in one click to unleash the power of integrations.

We see a future where all business and financial software can be easily connected together to enhance companies’ performance.

Our Ambition :

Be the European leader in 2027.
We are now mainly active in Belgium & France. We are entering the Netherlands.
Other countries should be launched soon.

Our Values:

Positivity - Ownership - Teamwork

Is it for you ?

If you like the startup world 🚀
If the words API, SaaS and integrations interest you
If you want to live an incredible experience in the driving seat of a successful early stage start-up

—> Join our team 🔥

PS : have a look at https://www.chift.eu/

Our Job Openings

We have no job openings at the moment!

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