About Us

CEDE Labs is the company developing CEDE Products.

  • cede.link 🌳, a web-based portfolio management platform, whether it is in CEFI (Centralized Exchanges like Binance or Coinbase) or DEFI (Decentralized Finance) of the crypto ecosystem.

  • cede.store 🐼, a non-custodial browser extension to manage your cryptos in CEFI (centralized exchanges).

The project is a year and a half old, and we are currently closing our pre-seed round at an undisclosed valuation.

The team is composed of 6 passionate, serious, and chill panda lovers, including 4 developers. We are very well surrounded by experienced tech, DeFi, and legal advisors.

We're also backed by impressive VCs and angel investors from GSR, Sismo, Angle, Ledger, APWine, EPNS, AAVE and others.

Grab the opportunity to work with us and discover the atmosphere of a promising, dynamic startup that delivers quickly. Our offices are at Station F in Paris and you will benefit from the incredible startup spirit of this place and in-house experts (AWS, Google, Microsoft, Apple,…). Remote is of course always available.

Salaries will be competitive depending on the work contract and the experience of the candidate.

Join the ultimate gateway to web3 and build the future with us ⭐

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