About Us

Created by high level athletes in Judo, YOGOWO is a mobile app optimizing access to outdoor group sessions, supervised by a personal trainer.

Our founders realized that if they got those results in their career, it was only thanks to the pleasure they got daily during their trainings. It was fun to work with friends, fighting, supporting and reaching the same goal all togethers, in order to become a champion.

Without fun and joy, nothing could have been possible. This is the philosophy that YOGOWO want to share with general public, because today sport is not enough associated to fun and pleasure or it's what we should look for.

We are building a big community around our workout philosophy, you won't be able to book for a tennis or golf trainers within our apps but you will be able to train outside and meet new people in your area.

We already have strong partnership with big companies like NIKE and HAVAS.

The service is open in Paris and will be open in Los Angeles soon.

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