About Us

Yogosha was founded in 2015 by entrepreneurs passionate about infosec with the same ambition: to contribute to a safer world, by bridging the gap between communities who strive for the same outcome: better security. Such communities exist out of organizations, ethical hackers, CISOs, developers, security teams, etc.
The vision has remained unchanged, but the company has grown a lot since its beginnings. Yogosha's headquarters are still in Paris, but with teams all over the world. In France, England, Dubai… Dozens of people strive every day to make the world a little safer. Nothing would be possible without them, so we make sure to take care of each other. This is a core value of Yogosha.
And since we are talking about making things possible: Yogosha is backed by leading investors with invaluable confidence.

We think of Yogosha as a VOC – a Vulnerability Operations Center.
A hub to detect, manage and fix vulnerabilities.
A platform to bring together all communities – CISOs, ethical hackers, dev and sec teams...
A battleground to run multiple security operations – VDP, penetration testing and bug bounty.
A command center to oversee all vulnerability management strategies.
A more efficient security, that is Yogosha

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