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Get your voice-ready virtual assistant in a minute. Yelda's platform works with Google Assistant & Home, Amazon Alexa and Facebook Messenger.


Yelda is a start-up founded by the entrepreneurs behind KRDS (8 offices worldwide / several successful rounds of fundraising) and CommitStrip (1M readers/month). Over the last 20 years most businesses have gone (nearly entirely) paperless. Now, we’re in a new era: the era of assistance and automation. Within three to five years, every company will need a stand-alone virtual assistant connected to major support platforms (Alexa, Google Assistant...).

Our mission: provide every company in the world with a smart Virtual Assistant via our platform Yelda.

In just a few months, Yelda has already earned the trust of its first customers including BNPP Bank, the nationwide FNAC retailer, and the French national railway operator SNCF. After completing our first seed fundraising, we are looking to build a solid team in Paris with expertise in web product development, artificial intelligence and business automation, composed of Yelda’s founders and ‘early employees’. Ready to join the adventure?

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