About Us

VizioSense offers cutting edge AI solutions for embedded Computer Vision at the Edge using a dedicated smart sensor that can detect, count, track, and segment people or any objects of interest in real time, respecting individual privacy by design. Ultimately, our mission is to leverage autonomous and ethical intelligence to make Smart(er) Cities, Buildings and Industries happen.

Why join us?

  • We are an ambitious, passionate, fun and talented team made of engineers, researchers and business people with the common goal to bring ethical and autonomous AI to help cities and industries become a better place.
  • We are dreamers and pushing through technical limits and current scientific state-of-the-art is inscribed in our DNA.
  • We have secured our SEED investment funding and have won a major business market.
  • We are lucky enough to receive continual help and feedback from world class advisors in Telecoms, IoT, tech and business.
  • We are also backed by three prestigious start-up acceleration programs, namely, the Alacrity foundation (Lille), Station F (Paris) and the start-up program provided by Ecole des Ponts ParisTech.
  • Our culture is designed to make our workplace fun, flexible and enjoyable to all.
  • We are parents, brothers, sisters, partners, hikers, chess- and sports players that value the time we all need to be better, happier human beings and enjoy life.
Our Job Openings

We have no job openings at the moment!