Full-stack Software Engineer


Energy, from production and consumption to storage, is one of the major challenges of the 21st century. To deal with climate change, biodiversity loss and ensure social fairness, we must provide new solutions. Mainly we need to produce and consume energy in a more responsible, efficient and low-carbon way.

We are building an innovative platform that empowers the widespread adoption of renewable energies and encourages citizens to take charge of their energy consumption. To pave the way for a cleaner and greener future, we harness the flexibilities of energy-hungry equipment to improve electricity consumption and reduce dependence on fossil fuels during peak periods.

As part of our team, your responsibility will be to build a DER (distributed energy resources) management platform. Through our platform, we enable the dynamic control of the electricity consumption of HVAC, Heat Pump, Smart Thermostat, EV charging.

Our platform‘s primary objective is to facilitate demand response on a massive scale, harnessing the power of millions of behind-the-meter devices.

Job Description

From backend, devOps to front-end, the challenges are numerous. We are working in a recent field, where standards still need to be defined.

As a Software Engineer you will participate in:

  1. The development of a web app back-end, DevOps, front-end

  2. Technological choices and the implementation of development tools

You will play a key role in making sure our product and code base is clean and ready to scale. You will also have the chance to learn from people with various background, who are keen to give you visibility on both engineering challenges and the company’s objectives.

Why choose Tilt ?

  1. We work to build the world of tomorrow, the one that seems more sustainable to us. A job that makes sense: We work hard, but we know why and where we are going.

  2. Developing a product from the ground up, going out in the field, breaking, iterating, learning and improving.

  3. Unparalleled technical challenges: data management, cloud computing, security and machine learning algorithms.

  4. We are supported by TotalEnergies, Station F and HEC

  5. Choose your lifestyle : We have offices in Paris (station F), in Toulouse and we also offer full-remote work.

  6. Real chance to change a sector that needs it and see your impact at scale.

  7. Work in an ecosystem of people who are passionate about their subject and determined to make a difference.

Preferred Experience

  1. Bachelor or Master's degree, PhD’s or engineering school in Math, Physics, Computer Science, Engineering

  2. You studied one (or more) programming languages. For us it's python and javascript

  3. You know one (or more) cloud platforms and tools: OVH, GCP, AWS, Azure, ...

  4. You are independent and proactive in your work. You enjoy working in a team and are able to present new ideas.

  5. Passionate about energy and climate issues

Additional Information

  • Contract Type: Full-Time
  • Location: Paris
  • Possible full remote