About Us

Symaps.io is a fast-growing tech startup located in Paris, Station F and accelerated by 50 Partners.

It is the AI app that helps you find the best location for your business.

The traditional ways for finding the right location for a business is costly, time-consuming and inefficient.

Symaps.io web app pinpoints in one click the best business locations. It also calculates an estimate of achievable sales, with a high level of reliability.

Our app analyzes vast amounts of data, and works through Machine Learning models based on the correlations detected between all these data.

It's currently used by clients in Europe, South Korea and Taiwan, incl. : Tesla, Décathlon, Fnac Darty etc.

The market opportunity for Symaps.io is huge, as the world of retail is upside down in 2018, with Amazon opening large numbers of physical stores, popup stores and new restaurants opening up everywhere, and traditional actors investing massively to adapt.

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