About Us

Starchain Gazer is a web3 gaming studio led by strategic industry veterans in blockchain, game design, science, and financial engineering. We aim to create powerful games acting as social hubs for casual, mid-core, and crypto gamers.

Project Name: Time Breachers
Game type: MMO Tactical Action RPG
Chain: ImmutableX
Game Plot: Players embrace a “Time Runner” career in a “Uchronic” Multiverse composed of an infinite number of versions of Earth. Each alternate Earth possesses its own history, geography, and inhabitants. Time Runners explore sectors of the Multiverse and scout planets to find and exploit valuable Time Resources for powerful factions & corporations. In this quest, they are helped by mighty inhabitants of the Multiverse called “Uchronians”.

FYI: We are incubated by Ubisoft in the Entrepreneurs Lab program of 2022.

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