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Have you ever felt overwhelmed when you had to pick a perfume for yourself or for a loved one? Hundreds of perfumes available, a couple of perfumes to test before getting nausea and poor in-store advice make you want to blind buy the first bottle that comes around.

At Sommelier du Parfum, we have faced that same dismay and decided to act upon it to provide consumers with the best assistance in their fragrance purchases. By leveraging machine learning and olfactory expertise, Sommelier du Parfum helps you find the right perfume based on your various criteria:

  • Preferred perfumes
  • Smells you like
  • Occasions during which you wish to wear it
  • Budget
  • Many more ....

to tell you exactly where you can test and buy them.

Trusted by various luxury and cosmetics groups, we are supported by BPI France and will keep shaking the perfume industry!

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