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Social Objects is a engagement platform that helps organization manage the daily flow of conversations coming from Social networks. Our clients can prioritize people that will have the highest impact on their ROI thanks too criterias similar to Facebook Ad targeting (age, gender, interest, affinties...).

We are basically bringing targeting to conversations.


We are solving a huge problem. Today, Social Engagement for big B2C companies is hell. SP500’s have on average 178 Social Networks accounts and sometimes have to deal with over 2 millions conversations a month around their brand (eg: Nike). Those need to be read, cared about and sometimes replied to. Hint: that never happens!

Handling those conversations is critical as their represent potential customers or beacons to spread their Brand marketing.

Brands are dealing with a massive amount of conversations that cannot be digested on a human scale. They need an efficient way to deal with the huge flow of conversations, prioritize and make sense of it.


Social Objects is currently incubated in the Founders program of Station F and supported by BPI & Amazon.

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