About Us

Who are we ?

Sneakmart is the first community-driven app dedicated to streetwear fashion. Our users can easily share, discover, buy and sell sneakers & streetwear with confidence. Launched in France in January 2021, Sneakmart regroups a community of more than 200k registered users.

At Sneakmart we’re passionate. We started Sneakmart for one reason and this reason is the love we have for sneakers! We’ve been collecting, buying and selling sneakers for more than 15 years.

With Metakicks, we are giving people the opportunity to start collecting digital sneakers through unique designs. We want to bridge the gap between collecting physical and digital sneakers.

Why join us?

Our team uses cutting edge technologies that needs to handle massive scale globally. We’re an internet-native, cloud-native company from day 1 - you won’t find legacy technology here! If you love Sneakers, Streetwear and Tech it's the place to be for you! Our nature: being curious, solving problems, wearing multiple hats, and learning new things, join us!

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We have no job openings at the moment!

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