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About RefurbMe:

RefurbMe is a solution to reduce technology waste, providing users a smart site to compare, monitor, and buy Apple refurbished products in an easy and convenient way (Think KAYAK for refurbished).
RefurbMe started as a side gig back in 2007, fixing the broken experience of refurbished products online. Now the website facilitates millions of sales for its merchants and operates in 20 countries. All bootstrapped, with organic growth.
RefurbMe is currently the largest comparator of Apple refurbished products. It got inventory from certified refurbishers like Amazon, Apple, Back Market, and much more.
RefurbMe is currently part of the Founders Program at Station F in Paris.


The explosive growth of cheap electronic devices has accelerated the planet’s pollution and to this day, only 20% of global e-waste is formally recycled.
There is a growing emphasis on environmental awareness, people want to know that whenever they purchase something, they are supporting a good cause and supporting a company that cares about something more than their own sales.
By creating a higher demand for refurbished products, RefurbMe can help reduce the amount of e-waste, making a bigger impact. And thanks to RefurbMe, it is really easy for them to find what they want, compare the different options, and buy exactly what they need.

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