About Us

Plantik is an early-stage agri-biotech startup building next-generation plant breeding technologies to create future plants considerably faster.
From climate change, food security, to human well-being, how we will make new plants adapted to the rapidly changing environment and human needs remains a fundamental challenge of the 21st century. Working on this challenge will help define our common future in the next decades to come. By advancing and democratizing the application of the latest biotechnologies in plant breeding, Plantik wants to equip and empower the next generation of plant engineers with effective and simple-to-use tools, so we can develop sustainable, resilient, and versatile plants the world badly needs a lot faster.
Plantik started its mission with hemp, a truly versatile, multipurpose crop showing great potential in various sectors from pharmaceuticals to food, with strong sustainability traits. Here's a short video to learn more about us.

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