About Us

PhantomBuster is a technology company that has been disrupting data scraping and automation on the web since 2016.

They offer solutions in the form of ‘Phantoms’ (i.e., automations) available for over 20 categories online, including LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. PhantomBuster is mainly used for lead generation. Users can use the 100+ Phantoms in the Phantom Store to:

  • Extract and enrich lists of leads
  • Create outreach campaigns on LinkedIn
  • Automate on Social media

Advanced workflows can easily be created by combining Phantoms. For example, you can use the LinkedIn Lead Generation Workflow to scrape all search results on LinkedIn and extract key data, like user emails. The best part? You can do this on repeat, to create a consistent and continuous pool of leads. Their customers are mainly marketers, sales teams and agencies. They use PhantomBuster to optimize and scale their growth automatically