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Awarded “Most Badass Growth-Hacking Tool of the Year”, we have, at Phantombuster, big plans for the years to come.

Every day, thousands of people around the world use our platform. Phantombuster gives them the knowledge and the tools to set up the best growth-hacking strategies. Despite being different, all users share the same goal: generate growth.

Our clients are marketers, recruiters, salespeople or influencers who want to find quality prospects, grow their audiences or automate any action they do on the Web on a repetitive basis.

As a young startup that has just raised funds and is in hyper-growth, hiring is one of our main challenges. Don't hesitate to apply to become part of our adventure.

If you’re not sure what our tool is about, don't hesitate try it on our website! If you’re wondering what it feels like being at the edge of a new way to approach marketing & sales, contact us or apply :)

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