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payper is building the future of B2B payments.
We are backed by Entrepreneur First and based in Station F. Our product is live and currently used by our first beta testers. If you want to know more about payper or test our solution, you can visit https://www.getpayper.co.
We are looking for a Fullstack Software Engineer (Internship or Apprenticeship).
We are still at an early stage and we particularly value: ownership, communication, curiosity and critical thinking.

our pitch

B2B payment is a dinosaur compared to B2C payments. To get paid, businesses still issue invoices with banking details and payment terms. Those archaic processes are prone to human errors, late payments, reconciliation issues and last but not least are not scalable with the digitization of B2B interactions.

payper is a modern payment solution platform designed as a single gateway offering a fully flexible payment experience to the buyers. payper streamlines different payment methods on a single self-served checkout, and lets the customer choose their preferred payment terms. payper meets the complexity of B2B payments while offering a modern seamless payment experience.

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