About Us

About NanoNap
NanoNap was created in 2019 by three young and driven entrepreneurs; @Alexandre, serial entrepreneur with a history in tech, @Fabien, triathlete and former strategy consultant and @Serge, product engineer with experience in hardware development. Some of the best scientists in the field joined the board of the company and are at the forefront of the revolutionary technology that NanoNap proposes. We are currently a team of 13, incubated at Station F and Schoolab, and have an international development perspective.

Our mission
We believe that technology can help us be the best version of ourselves. Our mission is to help smart people do more thanks to sleep optimisation. We improve their deep sleep phases by making them more efficient and more regenerative.

Time to expand
After several months of work and huge progress on the project, the opportunities are multiplying. It is time to expand the team (we are already 13, lucky number).
If you want to change the world (yeah, small ambitions :) ), we are waiting for you! 💪

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We have no job openings at the moment!

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