About Us

International and fast growing company, with big ambitions, Sparkmate is an engineering firm building prototypes and products with innovators and changemakers. Our mission is to make it possible for corporates, industries and startups to get operational solutions super quickly even for complex and cross-disciplinary projects.

In other words, Sparkmate is a team of cool, passionate and highly ambitious hardware and software engineers, that imagine, design, craft, and build tech solutions for the most innovative projects in the world.

Here are the fields we are working on at the moment:

  • - Aerospace/Aeronautics
  • - Robotics/Drones
  • - Cloud native apps
  • - IoT
  • - 3D printing
  • - Web platforms and mobile apps

We are looking for creative, tech-passionate and extremely ambitious teammates ! Join us for an amazing experience either abroad or in France.

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