About Us

Mithril Security is a deeptech cybersecurity startup providing secure software solutions to make AI more privacy friendly. Our mission is to develop secure data analysis solutions.

We want to facilitate the adoption of artificial intelligence with new security solutions. So we have built an open-source solution called Blind AI. Interested? Check out our website and our Github!

The company was founded by 3 friends in 2021. They raised their initial funds last summer after being accelerated by UC Berkeley and HEC Paris. Today, our passionate team of 17 people is based at WeWork Avenue de France in Paris. Join us to get the most out of both remote working and great work conditions (free coffee, rooftop, team buildings…)

We are looking to recruit new motivated profiles, so feel free to browse our offers and apply! Regardless of the type of position, we are looking for people who fit our culture: resourceful, curious, able to wear multiple hats if necessary, and passionate about their profession, regardless of professional or academic background. Moreover, our recruitment processes are based on technical tests so candidates are judged equally based on their skills.

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