About Us

Ma Joie is the first brand to combine fashion and technology to reinvent devices for women's intimate wellness. We develop an innovative technology that hides entirely in the fabric and allows normal underwear to be transformed into a connectable device. We design lingerie that can be used as comfortable, modular, and stylish harnesses, which adapt to the body of each woman and can be combined with accessories, specially designed to improve women sexual wellness. We set every woman free to decide how to get her “joie”.

For us, a fulfilled sexuality is a symptom of well-being and that's why we address queer women not served by products specifically designed for their needs, because we believe that everyone deserves to be represented, also by the products available. We want to give an alternative vision, not stereotyped, of women's sexuality, especially that of minorities, which is very often linked to porn and fetish imagination.


We are a team of two queer women and we start this project to address the unresolved needs of our community. We strongly believe in our mission and are driven by the impact of what we do on other people. We are looking for someone who perfectly fit our DNA: multicultural, diverse, curious, engaged and mission driven.

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