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  • Date de début : 01 mai 2024
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Labtoo is a biotech services company.

We support R&D project managers in the pharmaceutical and medtech industries with their outsourcing needs in terms of experimentation and procurement of biological samples.

Descriptif du poste

Labtoo: Scientific Business Manager Job Description

Do you want to be part of a team that solves complex challenges in biotech? Join Labtoo, a pioneer in Outsourcing and Biosourcing Biotech solutions!

Role Overview:

Labtoo makes what our customers struggle with possible. The mission of the Scientific Business Managers is to make that happen. Picture a biotech company focused on new drug development, equipped with a range of biotech tools for designing, producing, and testing potential leads.

But sometimes, they need a unique experimental model not found in large service companies.

Sometimes, our customer urgently needs samples from patients with a rare disease to move forward in their program.

This is where Labtoo steps in:

We identify labs and hospitals, equipped with the right experimental model or have access to the right patients, recognized and experienced in their domain, and capable of meeting quality requirements for the project.

Their challenge will become yours, and you will use our methodology and tools to accomplish the mission.

Welcome to Labtoo, the first Outsourcing and Biosourcing Biotech company!

Missions of the Scientific Business Managers:

  1. Find New Customers (Business Development): Prospection is a large part of the job, you will have to reach out to customers in France, Europe, in the World, by email, phone, LinkedIn, etc.

  2. Support Outsourcing Management (Sourcing): Once a lab starts working with us, you will look for all the options available for their project. You will contact many labs, hospitals, and companies, measure their capabilities to provide the required service and make a connection with the customer.

  3. Execute the Mission (Project Management): If you find the right solution and your customer accepts it, you will be in charge of making sure that all contracts are in place, that the service provider executes his part of the mission correctly, or that the coordination between the customers and the labs or multiple labs goes smoothly.

Additional Details:

  • This position is under the direct supervision of the CEO and is part of the Scientific Managers team.

  • The package includes a base salary and a commission-based salary.


The position is based in La Rochelle, where Labtoo's headquarters are located, in an office at "Les Minimes."

Remote work is possible if easy access to La Rochelle for regular team meetings.

Join Labtoo today, where we turn your customer's challenges into our mission, achieving remarkable outcomes in biotech solutions!

Profil recherché

Job Requirements:

To excel in this role, we are seeking a Scientist with a genuine passion for Sales and the following qualifications:

  • A PhD in Biology or Medical Sciences

  • Experience in Sales or Business Development

Why Scientists?

As a scientist, you have likely developed a diverse skill set during your Ph.D. journey, including technical proficiency, intellectual acumen, reading and writing skills, and the ability to network effectively. At Labtoo, we value and harness these skills, and we're confident that your ability to acquire new ones, such as budget management, customer prospecting, and understanding legal requirements in outsourcing, will be equally impressive.

When interacting with clients, you'll need to swiftly grasp the scientific nuances of their requirements. Your background and researcher's mindset will enable you to tap into your prior laboratory experiences, allowing you to comprehend your customers' needs rapidly. This not only keeps your customers engaged but also maximizes your chances of winning projects. Furthermore, as a scientist, you can effectively communicate with other scientists and provide them with valuable support.

What Does "Loving Sales" Mean?

Labtoo is a scientifically-driven commercial company. We all channel our best sales efforts to secure scientifically stimulating projects. Prospecting and account management are essential to succeeding as a Scientific Business Manager because without them, our company cannot thrive, and that would be a missed opportunity.

"Loving sales" means being proactive, whether it's picking up the phone, meeting potential clients, attending networking events, and doing it all with enthusiasm and a genuine belief in the uniqueness of our services. Success in this role should bring immense pride, as you identify tailored solutions for customers, and it should motivate you to keep striving for more.

While experience in sales, whether in a scientific company or not, is desirable, lack of experience is not a disqualifier. However, it would require a high skill set to compensate for it.

Language Proficiency:

Fluency in both French and English, with strong spoken and written business communication skills in both languages.

Process de recrutement

We will proceed as follows:

  1. we will look at motivation letters and resumes

  2. we will set up a first interview with our CEO

  3. we will set up one or two rounds with the team

The objective is to identify if the candidate will enjoy working for Labtoo and if she/he has the right mindset and skills for the job.

The process will take a few weeks.

Informations complémentaires

  • Type de contrat : CDI
  • Date de début : 01 mai 2024
  • Lieu : Paris, La Rochelle
  • Niveau d'études : > Bac +5 / Doctorat
  • Expérience : > 2 ans
  • Télétravail ponctuel autorisé