About Us

The size of the insurance industry is huge : it’s bigger than the banking industry. Yet it is stuck in the past. It desperately needs reinvention.
Our mission at Luko is to do just that : to redefine insurance and to make it just the way it should be: simple, transparent and truly protective

At Luko, we offer a new model. We take a flat fee on insurance premiums, the rest goes to paying premiums. If there’s any money left from those premiums at the end of the year, it goes straight to a charity. This is how we can prevent fraud, while reimbursing claims really fast.
Our obsession ? Delivering an incredible insuree experience.

Luko is not just about insuring, but also about preventing problems. We are building the best AI-powered technologies to avoid accidents in every European home. In just 12 months, we have convinced over 20 000 users to trust us.
We are backed by the best European and American VCs (Xavier Niel, Speed Invest, Founders Fund, Accel Partners…).
And it is just the beginning !

We are the fastest growing Insurance in Europe and the number 1 neo-insurance in France. We just raised 20M from Accel Partners

We are a team of 40 ambitious & creative talents (coming from Facebook, Doctolib, Devialet, Airbnb, Inria, AXA, BCG, Rocket-Internet...) eager to reinvent an entire industry. We are looking for other impact-driven talents to scale Luko across Europe. We are committed to equal access to employment, inclusion and diversity within the teams.
Join us !

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