Software Designer - Part-time/Freelance


At Koyeb, our mission is to provide the fastest way to run APIs, full-stack apps, and event-driven workloads around the world with high performance and a developer-centric experience. We aim to dramatically reduce deployment time and operational complexity by removing server and infrastructure management for businesses and developers.

We are a team of 14 product-minded people obsessed with making developers' lives easier with a next-generation cloud platform.

We announced the Koyeb platform public preview in May 2022 and have built a community of over 50,000 developers worldwide.

We are focused on a developer-led approach, our acquisition is purely organic, and developer adoption is crucial to the success of our mission.

As a fully-remote distributed team, we hire all-around Europe and have our headquaters in Paris, France. We offer attractive compensation with equity.

We are funded by top-tier investors and have plenty of runway to build a tremendous experience for developers.

Job Description

We are looking for a part-time/freelance Software Designer to help us shape the features we build for our users. This starts from the big picture of how the features operate together as a system, to fine-tuned UI details, all with the goal to create a friction-free developer experience.

We are building the fastest way to deploy applications globally. Concretely, the Koyeb Severless Platform is a completely managed platform used by developers where DX is crucial: ease of use, zero-configuration, and great developer experience are essential to our users’ success and to our success.

We provide two main ways to interact with our platform:

Your primary mission will be to design a simple way for developers to deploy, manage, scale, and troubleshoot full-stack applications.

What you will do

You will design an easy-to-use and aesthetic developer experience for all new features in the console and CLI of the Koyeb platform. Our users are developers, the Control Panel and CLI are the first things they interact with and as such, they are crucial to the experience.

You will work with our product team (CPO/product manager), our users, and take into consideration UI/UX/DX to build the fastest way to deploy applications globally.

You will:

  • Turn complex problems into easy-to-understand UIs that deliver a delightful experience

  • Own the design process of projects end-to-end: from discovery to ideation, testing, and prototyping of the ideal user experience

  • Define, test, and iterate on the interaction design of new and existing features (user-flows, detailed product wireframes, prototypes)

  • Participate in user research and testing to guide design decisions

  • Work closely with engineers to ensure pixel-perfect execution designs

  • Design beautiful visual UI that adheres to our UI design standards

  • Influence product and design direction by delivering a clear UX vision to all the stakeholders

  • Are striving to deliver value to our users

You will work directly with the engineering team and with Edouard, our CPO and co-founder.

You will need to be comfortable taking on different challenges that will evolve over time and work in a fast-paced environment.

You’ll succeed if you:

  • Continuously improve conversion rates by:

    • Deliver a delightful and easy-to-use experience during first-user interactions
    • Reduce the amount of time needed by users to perceive the value of the platform and how the product works
  • Ease our user's ability to troubleshoot deployments by improving user flows and structuring complex information

  • Design the end-to-end experience related to new incoming features like:

  • Work on existing and future design for all our supports: website, social media, documentation, decks, physical mediums

  • Are able to work with an existing design system that will evolve over time and have a tendency to go for simpler UX, fewer features, intentionality over complexity


As a general rule, if you join us, independent of the position, you should be comfortable with the following description of yourself. You:

  • have an international mindset and think global

  • are looking for a fast-paced environment

  • are ambitious and believe small teams can have a huge impact

  • are data-driven, you know decisions are more meaningful if they are based on data

  • are working as a team member

  • are autonomous and structured, are able and willing to write specifications/plans before implementing/executing

  • are striving for continuous improvement and learning

  • understand we work to improve the product for our users

As a software designer, you:

  • are passionate about details and think in systems, not just screens

  • have a solid portfolio that shows how you tackle complex user problems, research and validate your assumptions and solutions, and showcase the impact of your work

  • have experience conducting user research and designing based on findings

  • have experience with design tools (like Figma, Sketch, InVision, AdobeSuit, etc.)

  • have strong written and verbal communication skills that allow you to contribute meaningfully to strategy and alignment

  • are intellectually curious, with excellent problem-solving skills

  • are not afraid of getting technical: No prior developer tools experience is required, but you are excited to learn about developer workflows and application deployment

Ideally, you:

  • have a practical familiarity with the ecosystem of modern dev tools

  • understand developer workflows, you are accustomed to CI/CD, and you have worked with CLIs

  • have a proven track record of designing successful SaaS-based software products and features from scratch in a startup building dev tools or productivity tools

How we work

This is a part-time/freelance position - with the option to work from our main office in Paris, France.

For this role, we are looking for the Software designer to be based in Paris, France.

Some context about Koyeb:

  • We’re a really small team, currently 9 and probably less than 16 (in the whole company) when you will be joining. We’re composed of 90% of technical people and the resulting 10% catch the technical side.

  • We’re building a product used by developers and are interacting daily with our developers’ community - which are our users.

  • All our communications, internal and public, are in English. We are a global company, currently headquartered in France, Europe.

  • We’re prioritizing work that has a direct impact on user experience and expect you to think first about impact. Our long-term mission doesn’t change, but you need to be willing to work on a short-term roadmap evolving quickly depending on user feedback.

  • We’re an early-stage and full remote company. This is a demanding job that requires a high degree of autonomy and the ability to work asynchronously.

If these look like challenges you’d like to work on, continue scrolling

How we hire

We ask you to send us “something interesting” via the standard application form. Here are some guidelines on what we think is interesting:

  • Please explain why you would like to join us, a resume without any explanation is rarely interesting. This is sometimes called a cover letter but just think about it as if you would send an e-mail and explain why you think we should talk. A dozen of lines are sufficient.

  • An up-to-date LinkedIn/equivalent profile or resume is needed. We need it to have a quick overview of what you’ve done.

  • Your portfolio including projects you’ve worked on.

What we need to understand is how what you've worked on is relevant to what we’re building here at Koyeb. We don’t pay extensive attention to a standardized format and what the theory says but keep in mind that good written communication skills are crucial to working at Koyeb.

If we believe we could work together:

  • Richa, our talent lead, will reach out to schedule a first 30 minutes call to make sure this could be a match.

  • We will continue with a 45 minutes call to discuss your experience, ask a few questions about your software design culture, and review together a project you built in your portfolio.

  • We will ask you to perform a small software design exercise of typical work you will have to do with us

  • We will schedule a call to review the exercise together with our full-stack engineering team

The whole process should take about three weeks.

Preferred Experience


Additional Information

  • Contract Type: Freelance
  • Location: Paris
  • Experience: > 4 years
  • Possible partial remote