About Us

We empower users to achieve their goals.

Kairn is the productivity tool for ambitious individuals and teams to prioritise their days across projects and tools.

Teams collaborate across a wide number of tools, think Jira, Linear for developers, Figma, Whimsical for designers, Asana, Salesforce, Hubspot, Airtable, Notion, Docs, for Ops + Slack, emails, Zoom... To manage projects, they use old project tools built for managers, not for team members, failing at engaging with the right user.

Because of that, users add a task management to prioritise their days. That’s yet another layer.

We think that is broken so we build a user-centric approach to project management serving users instead of managers. Prioritise and accomplish your days, across all your projects and tools. From personal to professional projects we enable you and your crew to get things done, faster, better, together. Basically, have a kick ass day.

Be part of an exciting adventure 🏂

The road is not paved, you'll join in creating it. Our product is constantly evolving, and we're only sure of one thing: we want to help users get things done.

This being said, we've got a few tricks up our sleeve!

  • We're backed by eFounders, the startup studio behind Front • Mailjet • Aircall • Spendesk • Forest • Upflow and +30 startups. We work with their team on design, go-to-market, and fundraising, among other matters to grow Kairn
  • Thousands of people have signed-up for our beta and we’re getting great initial feedback on first users
  • We're building an A-crew of ambitious (sky is the limit 🌖), self-driven (go get it tiger 🐅), and positive people (be the person you’d love to meet 🙏)
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