About Us

Joonbot is a no-code and intuitive chatbot builder to boost online conversions.

97% of people who visit a website for the first time end up leaving without buying anything or filling a contact form. It’s still true.
Marketers need to increase their website conversion rate to reach their objectives.

How do you interact with a company on a website today?
Forms are boring, popups are annoying, live chats are expensive as it requires humans 24/7 to deliver the promising experience.
That's where Joonbot comes in!

Our users can build chatbots in minutes and increase their conversion rates by creating a personalised and contextualised experience.

Launched end of 2019, we're a small (but ambitious) team working with great customers worldwide that develop innovative use cases.

Our ambition is to become the best solution for a company to interact with their online visitors at an affordable cost.

We are accelerated by Zendesk and based in Station F.

Don’t see the position of your dreams?

STATION F Job board is always looking for great talent. Go ahead and send an application!

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