About Us

Founded in 2022 in Paris, Jimo helps product teams deliver contextual in-app interactions based on user behavior to increase user activation and retention.

We want to bridge the gap between product teams and their users making sure product teams focus on what users truly want. For that, they need a simple way to talk with the right user, at the right time and at the right place.

We provide a self served SaaS solution allowing product teams to create customized interactions that they are able to then publish within their own applications, code free. With that also comes a Portal to centralize all updates and information that they want to share with their community of users.

As product teams often use a multitude of solutions, we integrate with many tools of their stack such as Segment.io, Figma, or even Calendly, to make it easier for them to use existing data and share what they need with their users.

We are a french team of 4 co-founders, a growth guy, a product guy and two tech guys. You will be joining the tech team beside Sam and Andy!

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We have no job openings at the moment!

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