About Us

Jaylo was created with a clear vision: fostering a world of augmented transparency & integrity, nurturing universal trust.

We engage in innovation to develop cutting-edge technologies for the authentication of both goods and individuals, establishing a dependable connection between physical items and their digital ecosystem. In pursuit of our objectives, we seek top-tier talent, recognizing that these individuals, like ourselves, are fundamentally human. It is crucial for us to align with individuals who share our core values.

Our values


We consistently strive for innovation to foster trust, achieved through the creation of dependable, secure, and technologically advanced solutions for identification, traceability and authentication.


We maintain a continuous focus on innovation, aiming to stay ahead of our clients' ever-evolving security requirements by proactively adopting cutting-edge technologies.


We seek individuals who are motivated by tangible achievements, maintain a sharp focus on delivering results, exhibit resourcefulness, determination, and resilience. We're on the lookout for proactive individuals who are eager to go the extra mile.

Our Job Openings

We have no job openings at the moment!