About Us

Who are we?

At Bene Bono, your grocery shopping becomes a force for positive change, as we offer weekly eco-conscious groceries at prices up to 40% lower.
Here is the deal: every week, we curate a huge selection of qualitative products that we have saved from waste directly at the producers’ & manufacturers’.

This way, we are able to freshly present them at significant discounts. When you choose Bene Bono, you:

  • support producers and manufacturers in enhancing their offerings,
  • actively fight waste at its source and take part in an impactful environmental journey,
    • save money without compromising the quality of your groceries.

How does it work?

200% saved from waste: top products directly sourced from producers and manufacturers that do not respect arbitrary (absurd) retail standards, such as size, shape, perfect colors, typo mistaken labels, overproduction, etc…

100% top quality: all the products fit our rigorous quality policy (taste, freshness, no harmful or controversial ingredients, ethical sourcing, no heated greenhouses for fruits and vegetables, etc.), including organic and locally sourced fruits and vegetables,

100% flexibility: weekly deliveries with a super easy skip option when needed. Stop when you want.
We have already rescued more than 3000 tons of products, thanks to 30,000 satisfied customers. And we are just getting started! Our goal is to save thousands more tons of goods all across Europe.

As a fast-growing startup (18 millions raised in four years), we are focused on our mission and need an exceptional team to make it happen. We currently work in France and Spain, but are expanding soon throughout Europe. We already have gathered a team of 100+ passionate individuals (hello to the Benies!) and are actively looking for more talents to support our growth.

Join us to live an exciting journey, where teamwork thrives, career paths evolve, and ecological impacts are made.

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