About Us

At Bene Bono, we help people do good with good stuffs. In more concrete terms, we offer socially conscious and top-quality groceries, directly rescued from waste and at a cheaper price.

This way, we help producers and manufacturers to add value to their entire production. We empower people to take weekly positive actions for the planet, and help them to consume well while saving money.

How does it work?

  • 200% anti-waste: products saved from waste before their commercialization, because they do not fit supermarkets standards (size, shape, color, overproduction).
  • 100% quality: strict quality policy (taste, durability, no unhealthy ingredients, ethical sourcing, no heated greenhouses for fruits and vegetables, etc.). Our organic fruits and vegetables are sourced directly from producers.

100% flexibility: no long-term commitment: weekly delivery to pause or cancel anytime without any bad surprise.

Today, we've already saved over 3,000 tons of products and conquered the heart of more than 21,000 customers.
Tomorrow, we aim to rescue thousands of more tons of products and deliver them across Europe!

As a scaling startup (with several million in ARR), we are passionately dedicated to our mission. We aspire to build a strong team in France and abroad (currently in Spain, but expanding throughout Europe in the future). We've already grown to over 80 Benies, and continue to hire as we expand. It's the perfect place to combine the joy of teamwork with rapid career growth, and a significant impact on the environment.

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