About Us

Harvestr is a product management platform that helps companies leverage customer feedback and data to build amazing digital products.

Our story began in 2017, when Valentin Berthomier, Jérémy Cahen and Valentin Huang decided that they wanted to help all software companies become customer-centric, for real.

Being software engineers themselves, they knew how difficult it was to build the right product, a product customers would love using and a product developers would love building.

Trello and Jira were there to help product teams write stories and track tasks, but there was nothing to help them answer the two questions that keep them awake at night:

What features should we build ? And when should we build them?

It was high time for creating the missing component for software product teams.

And here it is!

After a highly successful beta in 2018, Harvestr was awarded product of the day on Producthunt in December 2018 and joins the highly selective Zendesk startup program in Station F, Paris.

Less than a year later, Harvestr is backed by talented software investors and our platform is now used by some of the best product teams around the world.

Harvestr is part of the FUTURE 40 aka the 40 most promising startups of Station F over 1000.

And it's only the beginning.

🚀 Join us on our mission to set the new standard for building the best digital products 🚀

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