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As our lives move from the physical to the virtual, gamers need a platform to share their digital experiences to meet and connect with peers. There are 2.5bn gamers worldwide, playing an average of 1h/day. Both numbers experience double digit growth.
Mainstream “real life” social platforms get gaming equivalents. Twitch is the YouTube of gaming. Discord is the Slack of gaming. But no one has built the TikTok of gaming: a platform focused on game clips, i.e. short videos of one’s gameplay.

Company presentation

Powder is the TikTok of gaming. Through specialized tools, we let gamers import their gameplay from PC, consoles (Xbox, PS4, Switch) or mobile. We let them edit it: trimming, visual + sound effects, overlays, zoom in/out, fast/slow motion, etc. And we let them share it, to our community or outside the app: Snap, TikTok, Instagram… Share clips. Make friends. Play with them. Repeat.
Powder is a deep tech startup. Our AI detects highlights from hours of gameplay, to help users trim and edit clips. It’s the engine behind our feed. Our team comprises four AI professionals, and we have several patents ranging from in-game highlights detection to emotions detection in the context of a mobile platform.
Powder is booming – fast. Since December, we’ve created a 100k community on Discord and Instagram. 150+ people volunteer on the project. Our open beta lasted only 2 weeks – that’s the time it took to reach TestFlight’s 10k users limit. We’ve reached 300 monthly active users in just 4 months. And we’re just getting started.
Powder has raised $3.5m+ from leading Silicon Valley investors who have invested at early stages in Stripe, Airbnb or Snapchat. Members of our 15-people strong team have previously worked with Zenly, GoPro, Lydia, Mindie, PandaScore, MolotovTV, Artomatix, Nike and BCG, and have raised over $10m and sold multiple companies in the past.

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