About Us

GETMIPULPA's mission is to empower people to take care of themselves.

GETMIPULPA is a subscription service that sends recipe boxes to prepare healthy breakfasts and allows people to create a healthy and flawless morning habit (eco-friendly packaging, organic leaf-vegetables, affordable superfoods, gut friendly... ). Thanks to GETMIPULPA, the mornings become less stressful, people feel more energetic, they go less to visit the doctor and come back to buy new recipes every month. For companies, GETMIPULPA, exists as a new way to provide valuable connections with teams that work remotely and understand the importance of engaging with their nutrition at home.

The idea was launched in 2015 in Bogota, Colombia by a resilient couple, no big school, but a lots of heart and human sense in the company.

GETMIPULPA did not perform any fundraising, We are 100% bootstrapped, and we still have all the control and we can implement all our ideas, the sky is the limit.

At GETMIPULPA we like those who take the initiative and take full ownership of their future but also we welcome you if you also believe in:

  • Simon Sinek and Tony Robbins
  • Care sustainability but know what greenwashing means
  • Thrive in gender balanced workplaces
  • Surround yourself with high achievers
  • Enjoy OKRs
  • Believe in 4 days work weeks
  • Teal Organizations mindset
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