About Us

Hospitliaty Game Changers

On Foodetective, we offer multiple services but have a single mission: to empower F&B businesses in their quest for greatness, high-quality food and drinks, innovative cuisine, and a profitable business model. Sherlock is your tool for managing all your relationships and interactions with your customers.

All-in-One Service
Designed for your needs and type of business, Sherlock will help you set up bookings, delivery, pick-ups, and takeaway orders, manage mobile payments, queue management, and catering. Managing your business will be easier than ever with Sherlock allowing you to simply focus on doing what you do best. You can easily add and remove any of the services at any point, ensuring our service is tailored to your changing needs.

A Dedicated Dashboard
Since we offer various services and tools to grow your business, we are also able to help you analyse your business as a whole. Sherlock continuously analyses the progress of your business to provide you with an intuitive report of our operations and monthly performance.

Tailor Made Solution
Whether you are a restaurant, food truck, coffee shop, bakery, butcher, chocolatier, food stand, juice bar or salad bar, whether you sell bagels, cheese, candy or champagne, Sherlock was built in a way to be useful to anyone in the F&B industry.