About Us

Epigene Labs is a newly formed startup at the intersection of data science, genomics, and drug discovery in oncology. We are building a technology platform for the aggregation, analysis, and visualization of multi-omic data: a major challenge for cancer drug hunters. This platform relies on semantic technologies and machine learning algorithms for metadata standardization, and on biostatistics, bioinformatics, and system biology methods for multi-omic data analysis. We operate within an innovative, value-based business model promoting incentive alignment between cancer scientists and data scientists for the discovery of novel precision oncology approaches. Towards this goal, we are seeking a talented computational biologist/senior computational biologist eager to leverage his/her skills in our fight against cancer. This role will report directly to Epigene Labs’ co-founder in charge of building the R&D team. The team is located at Station F, an innovation studio downtown Paris (France), and benefits from the advisory of world-class cancer scientists and data scientists, as well as seasoned tech and biotech entrepreneurs and investors.

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