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We believe in a world in which anyone can reach a fulfilling job

Chance is a Franco-Brazilian social startup, working to accelerate social mobility. To do this, we created an “Augmented Coaching” solution, multiplying the impact of human professional coaching through the use of technology. The goal is to support everyone in their career decisions, and to make this high-end service accessible to unemployed job seekers, to promote their professional integration.

The thorough analysis of behavioral data from coaching also enables companies to offer a generalized headhunting service, radically more efficient, and fundamentally meritocratic. This is how everyone will really have their Chance to grow professionally.

Chance has for Chairman the Nobel Peace Prize Pr. Muhammad Yunus, and benefits from the technical and financial support of Google.org, Facebook and the French Public Investment Bank. Its shareholders include numerous personalities, such as Francoise Gri, Jean-Bernard Levy, Henri Lachmann, Ray Dalio and Robert Dilts. Its headquarters are in Paris at Station F.

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