About Us

Chance is the digital coaching path to help individuals choose fulfilling work.

Autocoaching and PsyTech: the two pillars of Chance’s technological revolution
After 5 years of R&D, Chance is launching “PsyTech”, a technological revolution applied to psychology, coaching and career guidance.
With “PsyTech”, every step of the Chance program is adapted to each individual, thanks to real-time data and behavioural analysis. “PsyTech” designs an individualised program, driving the participant to make a series of informed decisions leading to a more fulfilling career path.
Through autocoaching, the user is guided to reflect more deeply about the way they think: who they are, how to make choices, what has meaning, what does not. The user will then be recommended different career paths that correspond to his/her aspirations, leading to a methodical exploration phase to make the final choice. Chance accompanies the user until he/she actually reaches their new professional objective.
Video-coaching sessions complete each step of the program : a professional coach, one-on-one “tailor-made” sessions, breaking down psychological barriers that may exist and have been identified during this self-reflection.

Chance was created in the Silicon Valley, in San Francisco, after the Nobel Peace prize laureate Muhammad Yunus met with its cofounders Ludovic de Gromard and Clémence Coghlan.
In 2018, Chance moved its headquarters to Paris to focus on the French Market: first at Station F, the Facebook incubator, then rue Saint Denis in Paris (75002) in 2020.
Chance’s team is made up of 45 people from 7 different nationalities, and a community of 100 partner coaches.
As of today, Chance has multiplied its growth by 4. and 70% of Talents are women.