About Us

Cara7, a startup dedicated to the automotive world, is the first Web3 Car Dealer in the metaverses, offering a unique immersive experience to choose and buy your real vehicle and its digital twin, through a fully digital customer journey. We offer our customers a combination offer with a car, its digital twin and an NFT.
The happy owners of cars sold through our car dealerships will hold an NFT allowing them to participate in the definition of the capsule collections put up for sale in the metaverses and create car clubs in their image, responding to the program of events they expect, all this thanks to the technologies of "smart-contracts" and DAOS allowing to participate in the governance and the decisions.

We are concerned about the energy transition of transport and mobility. Our priority will always go to carbon-free cars and mobility (EVs, hybrid vehicles, etc.) and the provision of all the services allowing a unique customer experience: App giving access to all the public and private terminals of the network, state of health of the battery, vehicle maintenance log...

Our long-term goal is to develop a rich automotive environment, from retail to online events, and to strengthen the connection between real and digital Web3 assets.

CARA7 is a young startup based in Paris with flexible work methods and a culture focused on open mindedness and collaboration, favorizing ideas and knowledge sharing.

Our HQ is based in Station F, within a world class environment, giving everybody access to: webinars, events, fund raising, restaurants…

We are fond of cars and passionate about car industry challenges that we know we can provide solutions for a better environmentally friendly future.

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