About Us

Bits is a live shopping app where people buy and sell collectibles through live auction shows.

We said collectibles?
This is the hottest space of the passion economy, on Bits you find Pokemon cards, Funko pops, comics or sneakers, everything passionate people need to enjoy life.

Backed by top tier VCs, we have a crazy ambition =: build the world #1 collectibles trading platform. We started in France, but the expansion roadmap is dazzling: next year we will already cover Europe and open key geographies across the world.

Why our community loves the app?
Because people come to have fun, bidding on rare items during crazy lives sessions and socializing with fellow collectors.
We have a mission and we need top talents to deliver it with us: create the most entertaining collectibles trading experience by reinventing the way people manage and grow their passion.

Our top priority is to set-up the Bits founding team, composed of the 3 cofounders of the app and first talents joining us, to ultimately create the next leader of social shopping.

Don’t see the position of your dreams?

STATION F Job board is always looking for great talent. Go ahead and send an application!

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