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Founded in 2016 by two former incident responders from the French National Cybersecurity Agency (ANSSI), Alsid is a hypergrowth cybersecurity software company headquartered in Paris with a global reach.

Since Alsid’s inception, we’ve resolved to defend those few systems on the critical path of our adversaries. And one towers above them all: Active Directory. One system that we can protect and leverage to break our opponents’ operations.

This is our battlefield. And we own it.

We are lead by strong core values: humbleness, team spirit, drive, and passion for our product. This is how we built such an incredible team of 100.

By joining us, you will have the opportunity to bring an ambitious large-scale security application to the next level in an agile and exciting environment. Alsid has always paid a great attention to its bright and outstanding people and therefore we keep on creating an environment in which they actually blossom.

Alsid for AD disrupts the dynamic of most cyberthreats by exposing misconfigurations and detecting attacks before infection.

To do so we rely on a great technical team of 35, an awesome WW Sales Team of 30 ensuring our Worldwide presence, our best-in-class Digital Marketing and Evangelization Experts and our top notch Customer Care Specialists to make our clients' experience one they want to renew :).

And of course, nothing happens without great Talent Acquisition Specialists: they’re our first ambassadors and will be your first contact at Alsid!

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