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Our healthcare system is under pressure and needs the help of a new generation of innovation driven by passionate and determined teams.

Despite the e-health solutions that have emerged over the last decade (online appointments, teleconsultation, etc.), there is still much to be done. The scarcity of medical time, combined with increasing demand for treatment, is jeopardizing the quality of care provided.

In this context, our medtech start-up Aldebaran has started to develop an intelligent digital medical assistant to optimize healthcare providers' time and improve patient care. Based on proprietary AI technology, this new digital health resource is a medical co-pilot, enabling professionals to delegate certain acts (medical history taking, triage, therapeutic education, pre-diagnosis...). Our ambition is to enable the emergence of preventive and predictive medicine, so that we can continue to offer optimal health to as many people as possible.

Aldebaran's first available service is an autonomous consultation preparation service for general practitioners. This service enables patients to securely prepare for their consultation using a self-adapting questionnaire which then generates a summary in medical language for the practitioner.

Aldebaran is currently supported by an experienced team of 10 people, including a scientific and medical department (with 2 doctors, one of whom is a senior researcher in AI applied to healthcare), an R&D department, a sales/marketing/communications department and a product/technology department.

Aldebaran has been nominated in December 2021 in the Artificial Intelligence category of the "Les Talents de la e-santé" competition organized by the Agence du Numérique en Santé. We are currently supported by Eurasanté, PariSanté Campus and HEC, and recently closed a €2 million financing round.

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