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*The world's needs are changing faster than ever

Companies now have to communicate permanently to stay relevant and grow their reach.

Design teams are faced with new challenges: Creating more, relevant visuals in less time to meet marketing and acquisition teams' growing needs.

For the most part, solutions considered are professional design software (Figma, Sketch, Photoshop, ...) or mainstream design tools such as Canva. Unfortunately those tools are inefficient for visual production at scale..

*Abyssale is building the future of design productivity

Abyssale is the modern platform built for teams that care about productivity and creativity. A solution that helps marketing & design pros to save hours on banner creation.

No tedious & repetitive tasks, no compromise, no stress. Design once, reuse infinite times.

Abyssale was started by a team of 4 co-founders passionate about tech and design. We count, among our 320+ clients greatl companies such as BackMarket, BackBlaze, Trustfolio, Odlle,... We helped them gain up to 3x faster production speed and cut up to 80% of repetitive design tasks.

To pursue this dynamic we are seeking talented individuals who possess infinite curiosity and the desire to experience a great adventure with us.

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