VenezVit was created with the purpose of making medicine available to the people who need them. We believe that reliable traceability and transparent auditing is needed to fight against corruption and misappropriation of humanitarian aid goods.
VenezVit is solving the lack of accountability in the workflow of major actors in humanitarian aid distribution, more specifically for vital and life-saving medications.
Our solution is to offer to humanitarian organizations digitalized tools, which give the user the ability to monitor goods during their journey, no matter where they are, while blockchain integration registers history of their actions on a ledger that can only be added to, never deleted making easy auditing and visualizing misappropriations (if it happen).

Job Description

About VenezVit
Making humanitarian aid more effective through technological innovation!

Want to be part of a purpose-driven business focused on achieving the ambitious goal of delivering life-saving medicines to those in need, no matter where they are?
*Your Role *
Venezvit is seeking a Co-Founder, CTO and team player. In this role you are willing to wear multiple hats and cover for anyone in the team.
Create own the overall architecture of the platform based on VenezVit's Purpose.
Make informed executive technology decisions (research and identify technologies to use) for the advancement of the VenezVit solution.
Manage a technology budget with realistic, yet ambitious time frames and in accordance to a roadmap.
You make the best possible choices when it comes to time, so that the company moves forward and successfully fulfills its mission: this includes prioritization of tasks, alignment to the value proposition for our clients and users, recruitment, assessment and motivation of the development team.
You are a good listener and open to understanding the views of other stakeholders (team members, users, clients, partners and Board); hear what they have to say; and put it all together to have a full picture.
You manage the technical team as a mentor and as a role model with authority on best practices.
You ensure the technological resources meet the company's short and long-term needs.
You actively engage with Clients and Users, adjusting our solution to their needs.
You are on top of technology trends and developments. You enjoy sharing your knowledge with the rest of the team.
You are organized and understand the importance of documenting all technical specifications and architectural decisions.
You are ok with change and quickly adapt to new circumstances. In the startup environment the objectives evolve, technology changes, and consumers’ needs progress.
You personally care for your teammates and challenge them directly.
You foster a learning environment where the team is not afraid to make mistakes. You seek lessons learned and embrace an open and transparent approach towards failures and mistakes.

Preferred Experience

We value the following experience and skills

  • 5 years working in a technological role
  • Team management experience
  • Excellent verbal and written communication.
  • Ability to delegate efficiently
  • Web development - React, Vue or equivalent
  • Backend - nodejs or equivalent, API endpoints, databases
  • Blockchain - experience with Smart Contracts in solidity or equivalent

Optionally DevOps experience

  • being able to manage critical, high availability infrastructure (Docker or equivalent, deploying and securing blockchain nodes, database management)

Additional Information

  • Contract Type: Full-Time
  • Location: Paris, France (75013)
  • Possible full remote