COO/co-founder with financial acumen


VenezVit was created with the purpose of making medicine available to the people who need them. We believe that reliable traceability and transparent auditing is needed to fight against corruption and misappropriation of humanitarian aid goods.
VenezVit is solving the lack of accountability in the workflow of major actors in humanitarian aid distribution, more specifically for vital and life-saving medications.
Our solution is to offer to humanitarian organizations digitalized tools, which give the user the ability to monitor goods during their journey, no matter where they are, while blockchain integration registers history of their actions on a ledger that can only be added to, never deleted making easy auditing and visualizing misappropriations (if it happen).

Job Description

About VenezVit
Making humanitarian aid more effective through technological innovation!

Want to be part of a purpose-driven business focused on achieving the ambitious goal of delivering life-saving medicines to those in need, no matter where they are?
We are looking for a Co-Founder who can multitask, wear multiple hats and commit 100% to the VenezVit mission.

*Your Role *
Your typical day could look like this:
You start the day leading the operation of our startup and ensuring we are all working in harmony and aligned with our goals and overall vision.
You work closely with the product manager about the product specifications to ensure it matches our customer’s expectations.
You perform budget planning and manage the budget until the organization scale up to need a dedicated role
Whenever you see something going in the wrong direction, you will be quick to respond, implement better ways of doing it and if you are not the person to do it, you will find the resources to fix it.
You share your experience and knowledge with the team as you have done this before
You continuously foster relationships with all our stakeholders: Clients, Partners, Users, Mentors and manage the value each one seeks and offers.
You work closely with web designers to make sure our website is updated and our message is relevant to all our stakeholders.
You will use your experience to help with proposals for clients.
You will use your network to raise awareness of the VenezVit mission and identify potential pilots where we can run and test our mvp or alpha version of our product.
You will engage in strategy sessions with the CEO and CTO. You will be an essential person to make key decisions for our startup.
Occasionally you will have an invoice to process or ensure we have a practice to comply with our obligations.
If necessary you will be ready to pitch to potential investors.
Manage funding via (a) grants identification, application, writing, follow up to potential sponsor institutions, and (b) equity investment by pitch deck development, revision, seeking pitching opportunities, connecting and following up with potential investors.

If this sounds like you, take a look at the requirements below. We could be a match made in heaven!

Preferred Experience

*Ideally you meet the following requirements: *

You Feel comfortable with business and operational planning; ability to lead and develop operational efficiency
You know how to Manage Projects and feel comfortable leading a team. You enjoy teamwork.
You Understand emerging technologies, Blockchain and the capabilities it has to change business models.
You can Understand of legal language in a range of employment contracts, contractors agreements, licensings agreements etc.
Have a positive attitude toward the job, have a constructive approach to giving feedback and leading.
Can work to complete multiple tasks and meet demands across a range of responsibilities
Can handle the pressure of deadlines and commit to deliver
Carefully manage our budget and be mindful of our priorities
You bring organization and structure to maturity without making it corporate
You can communicate clearly and have a good sense of humor.
You have an understanding of or experience in community, humanitarian and social enterprise sectors (is a big plus)
You are ok with change and quickly adapt to new circumstances. In the startup environment the objectives evolve, technology changes, and consumers’ needs progress.
You personally care for your teammates and challenge them directly.
You foster a learning environment where the team is not afraid to make mistakes. You seek lessons learned and embrace an open and transparent approach towards failures and mistakes.

Additional Information

  • Contract Type: Full-Time
  • Location: Paris, France (75013)
  • Experience: > 5 years
  • Possible full remote