Software manager M/F


UPMEM is an highly innovative fabless semiconductor startup with a recognized global leadership in its field. Our team has successfully produced the first “in-(DRAM) memory processor” (aka Processing In Memory or PIM) solution, which accelerates massively data-intensive calculations - typically 15x -, while shrinking cost and energy footprint - typically 10x -, for big data and AI apps in the datacenter and edge computing.

Founded in 2015, the company relies on an expert, entrepreneurial and international team based in Grenoble and Paris, as well as a global ecosystem both in terms of manufacturing and partners operating Processing In Memory (PIM).
We are growing fast in order to accelerate the commercialization of our first and recent product (United States, Asia, Europe, etc.) and continue our pproduct development.

UPMEM has leading industrial and financial investors from Europe, America and Asia reflecting the attractiveness of its award-winning PIM technology.
We were selected among the 100 innovative companies in the 2020 Silicon 100 ranking by EETimes; we are one of the 12 Deep Tech winners in 2020 of the Global Innovation Competition phase 3, supported by the Investments for the Future Program, managed by the General Secretariat for Investment (SGPI) of the French government; we are supported by the 2021 Europe H2020 EIC Accelerator challenge.

Job Description

UPMEM is looking for a passionate, oustanding and experienced Software Manager to manage our programming tools-to-system software stack. If you appreciate working on disruptive technologies, solve complex problems, have a team spirit and enjoy solving tough challenges, your place is with UPMEM.

The Software Manager is to lead the software team and the development of our Processing In Memory (PIM) product software stack. The stack aims at providing the best programming tools for PIM processing, involving thousands of independant PIM units (DPU+DRAM chunk of 64MB). While maitaining massive speed-up and energy efficiency.
Responsibilities include programming tools with Linux server and PIM module integration of our PIM solution into server systems, which is based on DDR4 DIMMs with on-chip processors, and the system.
You’ll lead a significant part of our R&D team and orientate technical and architectural choices for the software architecture (system integration, SDK libraries, trade-off between performance and ease of programming…), the SDK (compiler, tools, communication and functional libraries…) and the system.
You’ll work on current product generation, contribute to the next one, and you’ll be the key reference for our partners, lead users and your R&D team.

You are eager to participate in an ambitious technology evolution and high growth organisation development with borderless challenges.

What you will do

Lead the SW strategy and implementation, and the SW team:

  • Master the Processing In Memory (PIM) solution and its technical challenges for the integration of accelerator modules in x86 servers,
  • Lead, build and execute the SDK and the server (x86, ARM64) integration, development and delivery plan, ensuring functionality, reliability, performance and programmability.
  • Update or introduce new PIM server platforms, embarking PIM modules and solution.
  • Follow and analyze use cases with our field applications engineers.
  • Collaborate with R&D teams (HW, SW) and team leaders to continuously improve UPMEM products and its value proposition.
  • Lead the fast growing 7 engineers team

Preferred Experience

You have a diploma (Master/Engineer) in Computer Science or Electronics
You have proven experience in software development management
You know the requirements of server and datacenter and cloud environments.
Your technical expertise and engineering knowledge allow you to understand the needs and requirements of application developers, especially on the programming side,
You have a strong experience on servers, their hardware and software architecture, ideally knowledgeable on system bricks (UEFI, OS, board management …)
Your management skills are proven
Your English proficiency allows you to work in a dense international environment,
You are motivated, rigorous, dynamic, you show autonomy and organization, and you respect confidentiality.
You know how to work with international external partners and you may have the ability to manage and develop a team.
You are able to work regularly in Grenoble, and/or you can benefit from UPMEM Station F (largest European start-ups hub) facilities in Paris

Recruitment Process

You will interview with the HR, tech and founders teams.

Additional Information

  • Contract Type: Full-Time
  • Location: Grenoble, France (38000)
  • Education Level: Master's Degree
  • Experience: > 5 years
  • Possible partial remote