About Us

We are building open-source infrastucture for the next-generation of applications, using the OCaml programming language.

We are developing and maintaining:

  • MirageOS, the most advanced unikernel project, where we build sandboxes, network and storage protocol implementations as libraries, so we can link them to our applications to run them without the need of an underlying operating system;
  • Irmin, a Git-like datastore, which allows us to create fully auditable distributed systems which can work offline and be synced when needed;
  • OCaml development tools (build system, code linters, documentation generators, etc), to make us more efficient.

We are now based at WeWork (avenue de France) in Paris. As the company was founded in early 2018, we are still in early stage and there are still many things to do -- expect to have a a big impact and lot of flexibility!

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